EV Watch for Tesla App Reviews

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Mostly there, minor quibbles

Great complication. The three screens (lock/charge status/climate) are the right choices. I’d like to see keyless driving added. Perhaps that can’t be supported on Watch as I see Remote S offers on iPhone but not Watch. While the UI is cleaner than Remote S, I don’t love the use of the green boxes which are taken from the look of customizing complications on Watch faces. The force touch model is good (prevents inadvertent actions). Perhaps the design should be to force touch on the current state to expose options, then picking an option sets it and returns to the prior view with the new value set.


Only tesla app that has a useful watch app and complication

Get with if you have a Tesla and a Apple Watch

I love the complication - makes it simple to check SoC at a glance. The use of watchOS UI elements to change charging levels is also well done.

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